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Question: my nipples are cracked .while breastfeeding it pains a lot what should I do

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Answer: Sore nipples are the common problem during pregnancy. They can appear due to various reasons such as poor breastfeeding breastfeeding latch, not using breast pump correctly and infection. Try these techniques which can help u in ur soar nipples : 1. Let ur baby self latch 2. Use good position if u need to help the baby 3. Adjust without unlatching 4. watch ur baby hunger and if baby feels hungry u feed her because more hungry baby will give you more pain in latching 5. Use ur milk to heal crack in nipples
Answer: Hii..it happens to me also .. take nipcare cream and apply every time when you finish feeding and try nipple shield . It will heal faster if you use nipple shield . Hope it helps
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    Sapna Kumari441 days ago

    You can apply pure desi ghee or honey on your nipples it will give you fadt relief. It actually works.

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Question: It pains a lot while feed , at nipples, probably i m having cracked nipples, how should i heal them.
Answer: Apply nipcare ointment after every feed n clean it with wet cloth before feeding... Nipcare ointment is fore sore n cracked nipples... i also suffered with same prblm... Nipcare is very helpfull... n have patassium tablet after consulting dr...
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Question: Hi my nipples are cracked and sore it pains a lot while feeding my baby plz jas help me
Answer: Hi mommy... It is indeed difficult to feed with cracked nipples.. i know how painful it can get.. sharing with you a method that worked wonders for me.. apply coconut oil once the baby's done feeding then wash with soap water and luke warm water and clean with a soft cloth and then ready for next feeding session... Ensure your baby latches well.. most of the aerola should be in the baby's mouth while nursing. Other methods also include using a nipple cream or applying your breastmilk to the affected area, letting it dry n then washing it off with water. U should also know that this happens in the early days post delivery. Sore nipples will stop soon.. keep feeding 😊😊
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Question: My nipples are cracked and paining a lot while feeding.. Shall I use nipple shield?
Answer: For better results, use nipple cream to soothe cracks. Make sure baby mouth is wide open when feeding and don't allow him suck directly on nipple. He need to suck over them.. all the best
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Question: my nipples pains a lot while feeding wht should i do
Answer: Hllo dear ur lacting mom may be ur nipple have cracked that s why u have pain in nipples .apply nipple care cream or coconut oil on nipples .it 'll be f9 try it .nd dear after applying niiple care crwam don't forget to wash it breast before giving bf to ur baby .try it
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