10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My nipples are being sensitive is this normal thing?

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Answer: Hii yes it do happens due to harmonal changes. Ur body is getting prepared for after delivery process also . the increased estrogen and progesterone now moving through your body. Your breasts are also growing and changing as they prepare to feed your baby. ... All these changes may also be causing your sore breasts and tender nipples.
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Question: I m 4 weeks pregnant now. Last week my nipples were very sensitive. But from last 2 days my nipples are less sensitive. Is my pregnancy ok? Today I visited the doctor & she gave me duphaston tablets
Answer: Hii dear don't worry it's a good decision that u consulted doctor. this medicine is generally given when u have some harmonal disbalance .this medicine is given to secure ur pregnancy from getting miscarriage and it is generally given in first trimester .The reason that you have progesterone (name of the harmonie which is in this tablet ) in the first trimester is because the placenta is not fully functional yet and does not produce enough hormones. After 12 weeks, this is no longer an issue.s o nothing to worry. All the best
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Question: My nipples are paining lil bit. Is it normal? Any remedy for this? Kindly suggest.
Answer: Dear mama, it is normal to feel lil bit pain and irritation during the first month. But if the pain is consistently growing please consult with the doctor because sometimes it may be due to infection. Ignore it if it's just a little pain. You will become an expert in no time...
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Question: My breast nipples are hurting since yesterday. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, it is normal, since your body is preparing for child birth and lactation, it may occur, you can apply coconut oil or give ice cube massage will reduce pain
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