1 months old baby

Question: My nipple have pain during breastfeeding... what should I do

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Answer: Nipple pain is common during breast feeding at early months as breasts are not used to feed before. There is a gush of blood supply and too much of pressure from baby to suck milk. All these will give pain. You can sit in a good position while breast feeding and proper feeding will help in reducing pain.
Answer: Hi dear you can message with coconut oil or give slight cold compress . if the pain doesnt disappear use nipple Shield dear for feeding your baby
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Question: While during breastfeeding i feel pain in my nipple and breast. Why?? What should i do?
Answer: Hello dear... Pain in breast during breastfeeding happens due to formation of milk duct or engrossed breastsome milk can be accumulated already in the breast, so that it makes pain when baby latches..to overcome this problem follow these ideas... Massage on each breast before you start to feed the baby, it releive milk not to become duct Always wear maternity brazier, so that feeding might be easier Wash nipple and aerola, after feeding You can also give cold compress,so that pain might reduce You can hand express or can use pump to express milk ,it will reduce pain,so that milk production can increased Contact your gynaecologist, so that they prescribe ointment to releive pain...
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Question: I have pain in left nipple while breastfeeding.. any suggestiins what should i do?
Answer: May be you have cracked nipple, do you see any blood If so apply lanolin ointment, use coconut oil which does not cause any harm to baby on consuming while feeding also You can also use breast milk, soak cotton ball in milk and apply on achy area
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Question: My nipples pain during breastfeeding . What should i do
Answer: Mild pain is common during breastfeeding. In the starting month u will feel tenderness and sore nipples and u will also feel little discomfort when ur baby latches and u will feel mild pain and it will go automatically when u start nursing ur baby. Sore nipples can develop due to various reasons including poor breastfeeding latch, not using breast pump correctly or infection. U can get relief from pain when ur baby started latching properly
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