36 weeks pregnant mother

My ninth month is going on.8 days have past by. According to my ultrasound babys weight is 2850 gm.is it above normal or ok? Also my ultrasound also says that the cord.is around the baby s neck.is there anything to worry or is it okay. Please reply.

Its okay.. baby weight is normal .. for cord around the neck make sure to deliver your baby in good hospital set up..
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    Tamanna Gambhir39 days ago


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Question: My anomaly scan shows that the umbilical chord of my baby is around the neck.is its normal?or anything worry about it?plz told me.
Answer: It's normal... When baby will move it will come out itself..don't worry n enjoy your pregnancy
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Question: Hii.. i am 23 weeks pregnant..the ultrasound report of this week says my baby weight is 579 gms..is it normal or anything to worry??
Answer: According to fetal weight chart the weight of weight of baby at 28 weeks should be 1.10 pound I. E 498.952 gm which is approx 500gm. So as ur baby weight is 579gm,so it is normal.. U don't have to worry
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Question: My babys navel seems to be bulgy and stick to outside most of the time.when he s relaxe it looks normal.is it common or anything to worry?please reply me
Answer: Don't worry it's normal . After some time it's get normal position
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