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Question: My newborn is having continuos hiccups. I always burp him after feeding, but still when he gets up and i offer him milk, hiccups start continuosly making him fussy. Please doc or exp moms help me..i am really worried and crying a lot.

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Answer: Hello dear Overfeeding is a common cause of hiccups. If the stomach distends too fast or becomes too full, this can trigger the diaphragm muscle to go into spasms. When breastfeeding, try slowing down feedings, and stop and burp your baby as you switch from one breast to the other.
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Question: My 1 month old baby is making grunting noise as soon as placed in bed after feeding. I am breast feeding and bottle feeding expressed milk. After each oz i try to burp. Sometimes 4/5 times he will burp. Still he makes grunting noise and cries when placed on bed. Somebody please help. I am really worried.
Answer: You can try to lay down him on bed in upright position. ...but don't use pillow. . Or you can use baby bassinet for his comfort.
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Question: My baby dont burb after feeding... I even sit taking him straight up that he would burp... I even do many circular motion on his back... And many other things... But nothing works...m really worried...
Answer: After feeding the baby, make him lie on your knees with stomach on the knees.then gently tap his back the baby will burp
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Question: My baby is 2 month he cant sleep due to back up of stomach contents..nd eccessive spitting also even I burp also he spits a lot..he needs bresst milk around 1 hr of gap.otherwise he start crying..when I place him in bed he suddenly wake up nd start crying..bt he sleeps well in my hand
Answer: Hi,some kids spits a lot this is due to saliva glands but if it is too excessive than it is better to come suit your Dr for that. Sleeping in hand us just out if habbit as your baby is now use to in that position but slowly you will have to put he habbit if sleeping in the bed as else it will be difficult for you
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