Few weeks old baby

Question: my newborn has a weak grasping reflex...should I be concerned

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Answer: Hello dear wait for one week more and the go to doctor for this.
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Question: My baby is 10 mo and has not started teething yet. Should I be concerned ?
Answer: Hi dear, 6 months is common to get a first tooth but that its completely normal not to see teeth as late as 18 months. A number of things may be to blame when a child's tooth eruption falls outside the normal schedule. Sometimes, late tooth eruption is simply a family trait. Preemie and low-birthweight babies may also experience delayed tooth eruption, and the teeth can have enamel defects that come with it.
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Question: my newborns poop has bad odour and I am breastfeeding him. should I be concerned
Answer: Smelly poop for babies depends on many things. In the first few weeks of like if your breastfed baby poop smells bad, it may be because of the food you are consuming dairy products. Whatever it is you consume affects your baby's bowel movement, so if you eat a lot of gas-producing food- like broccoli, wheat, and more - your baby will feel gassy too. And where there's gas, there's odor! Make sure you take a healthy and nutritious diet and drink plenty of water to overcome this problem.
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Question: How often should a diaper be changed for a newborn?
Answer: Hi dear Avoiding diapers for babies is always a good habit..always use cloth diaper which can be easily washed and changed Diapers should be changed every 4 hours though its wet or not...once you came to know baby urinated or poops yiu change it immediately and clean babies parts throughly with a wet wipe or wet cloth is a must
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