Few weeks old baby

Question: My new born baby pass stools 5/6 time on last night does it normal

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Answer: That's normal dear it is a good thing that your baby is digesting milk very well
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Question: My new born baby from the day born getting teras in eyes when cry... Now it is less but why teras are coming
Answer: Dear same happens to my devrani baby v ask yo dr he gives eye drops nd said babies tear ducts may not be fully developed in one or both eyes this can cause her watery eyes .Cleaning your baby’s eyes with cotton and filtered water to prevent accumulation of any discharge which could lead to infections.Massaging the tear duct a few times a day using mild pressure can help release any clogging, allowing the duct to develop fully. This method is known as milking..she try it nd bsby gets relirf .u csn try it also its heloful .
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Question: Hlo my baby 2.5 month old..he is completely on formula milk..nan pro..and pooping green since 1 month..is it ok..or normal.. green stools
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood The formula milk that is fortified with iron can cause green poop in babies.. so its normal nothing to worry about. Take care
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Question: my baby is doing potty for 4 to 5 time in a day.he is completely on bm.is this normal?
Answer: Yes itz completely normal some babies do potty 4 to 5 times in day some may not
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