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Question: My new born baby has small perimembranous vsd from left to right shunt.does it cure of its own.but she has lower in breast feeding,getting tired while feeding.but none other she is active,frequent urinating everything is common.but lower in weight increase.does it cure by its own or need any treatment.if treatment need means what it requires?

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Answer: Hi, VSD is ventricular septal defect.. A hole in the septum between the heart's two lower chambers is called as VSD.It is a congenital condition. Small vsd's have symptoms of just the murmurs and these defects close on their own without surgery.however larger vsd that havent been treated in childhood can cause other symptoms like- babies get tired while feeding too fast, breath heavily and fast,gain weight at a slower rate etc.People with vsd have higher risk of developing endocarditis. In such cases heart surgeries are needed.It is usually done in first 3 months of life itself. The good news is most kids who have had vsd corrected go on to live a healthy active life. Please consult your doctor for more.
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    Ramira Fernandes467 days ago

    hi Dr i m 37 weeks pregnants, my baby shows 5th percentile its anything serious

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Question: My new born baby has small vsd problem.does it recover its own.
Answer: Hi dear small vsd that is less than 2 mm recovers on its own but your baby will need to get monitor time to time. If a vsd doesn't gets Heal on its own by one or two year of age of baby then your baby might need to get into a surgery to cure it
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Question: My sister given birth to little angle,now she has 3 months,but my sister got infection in stiches ,(pimples above stiches alternatively coming)consult doctor she is its due to over weight ..i need home remedies to cure it
Answer: Hi ma'am stitches is something that need special care.. You should keep the area dry..and clean. She should wear loose and cotton clothes.. When taking bath apply coconut oil... I hope this remedy will help..take care..
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Question: My baby has got VSD in heart by birth. Whether it ll get closed on its own or requires surgery. Pls help
Answer: VSD closer will depend upon the size of the whole.what is the hole size? Doctor will monitor for some months to see if it is getting close then only they vll suggest for surgery if required.
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