2 months old baby

Question: My 1 nd half month old baby got vaccination today. She has much pain. No fever yet. Can i give her paracetamol drops? If yes how many drops should i give?

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Answer: Ya if fever is not there also u can give 0.5ml paracetamol u can give I gave to my baby also ur Dr not suggest u they will suffer bcz of pain plz give
Answer: Yes u can give... give 5drops thrice in a day
Answer: Plz check with ur Dr dosage
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Question: Today my baby got her 6 th week vaccination...now she has fever 99.3 . I already gave her paracetamol drops 4 hour before ...now at what time should I give her drops again... I mean hour duration...
Answer: Hello If your baby is running a fever above 100 you should go to the doctor immidiately. If the temperature is less then you can give the paracetamol drop prescribed by your doctor after every 6 hours. Use a cold clean cloth to dab the baby s head. as the baby might be cranky to eat during fever.
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Question: My baby got vaccine today. She has temperature 99.5..is it fever?? Shall i give her paracetamol. Docter said give only if she has fever
Answer: No it is mild fever... fever will be above 99 so if u want to give u can give Crocin syrup is available for newborns
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Question: I have taken one nd half months vaccination day bfo yestrday(wednsday)... and giving paracetamol 3ml for fever... her leg pain has gone.. Bit she is having fever... How many days does fever longs after 1 1/2 months injection???
Answer: It is a first vaccination for 1 1/2 month baby...fever lasts for 24-48hrs dont worry...
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