2 months old baby

My name is on 52 days old.He is alwayz see on surround.Not see on stright always.So it make any problem

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Question: My baby is 52 days old.he had cold.in his left eye water came .is it normal?
Answer: For water in the eye it could be due to nose blockage which is normal during severe cold. Or if not that it could be because of blocked tear ducts. For cold and cough...put some garlic cloves in a thread and make the child wear it like a neckpiece the garlic cloves should touch the chest it will help control the running nose,chest cogestion. Also u can make an oil to massage at night. Take mustard oil and put methi dana,ajvain,garlic and neem leaves. Heat the oil till all dese ingredients are golden brown. Let it cool and strain the oil. Heat the oil when u use it. U can massage the chest ,back and feet with this oil before the child sleeps. Make sure to make the child wear socks after u massage with this oil it will double the effect. Hope this all helps
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Question: My baby is 52 days old.he looks tall but not gaining weight. Breasfeed milk looks watery.what food i should eat to make him to gain weight
Answer: Hello You have to feed your baby every two hours regardless of day or night or the baby s sleeping or being awake. Each breast should be fed 20 mins. Total 40 mins. feeding this way you can see significant increase in baby s weight. Eat alot of ghee diary products dry fruits so all the goodness is transferred to ur baby. Breast milk is best for ur baby as it gives your baby better immunity. It digests better than the formula reduces constipation and stomach problems.
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Question: Hii my baby is 1o days old.He is sleeping 23 hrs .Is this any problem?
Answer: First check that ur baby doesn't have any infection or jaundice. If that is not the case then sleeping for 23 hours is not a problem. Some babies are better sleepers than others. Just that u have to be careful with such babies and keep a check on their diapers that the urine is not dark yellow and they are having adequate amount of milk .! All the best!!
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