5 months old baby

Question: My 4 n hlf mnth old one suddenly is not having milk from breast... There is no change in my diet please help.. He is taking bottle though.

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Answer: It might be due to nipple confusion or since you giving bottle feeding.Baby stop.putting efforts in sucking breast. They find easy to suck from bottle nipples as the flow is high n less efforts in sucking. Better don't give bottle it's not good for the Baby.
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    Pooja Khatri1282 days ago

    thats right.....

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Question: My lilone 3months old not drinking milk properly (breastfeeding ) if I give formula or express my milk n give in bottle he drinks. Tried all ways I can to make his drink from my breast but no joy please help me. What's wrong y suddenly he's not taking milk from me
Answer: Pump milk and fill it in bottle and try....or else let him vlcry lot ( it is very hard)may be out of hunger he can take bm
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Question: My baby is 26 days old n not taking breast milk... Taking lactogen or breast milk by bottle or spoon.. How i will feed him breast milk
Answer: Hello! For latching the baby to breast you need to increase the skin to skin with the baby. Offer your nipples more often to the baby but make sure not to do that when the baby is not very hungry. Also keep on pumping your breast milk to keep up with the supply. Also if you can find a lactation expert, do please contact her to help you with the situation. Take care
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Question: Suddenly my baby isn't feeding from the bottle..he is not even taking the bottle in his mouth..my milk supply is low..what can i do now.
Answer: Give ur baby cerelac. It is a baby food and will help to provide full tummy to ur baby with lots pf nutrition
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