12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My mouth test is very bad what can I do for good test I am 12 week of pregnant

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Answer: Yu cn do gagaling wt hot water bt adding black salt , hv ginger ka muk waas , fennel seeds etc u ll feel better
Answer: Fresh Orange is very good use regularly also help you to change your mood
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Question: Can eat ajmin during pregnancy ...it is good for baby nd for my health...I m 12 weeks pregnant plz anyone help with douts.........
Answer: Dear I don't know what is Ajmin but if you are talking about ajwain that is carrom slits then yes small amount sometimes you can eat but if you are taking it in large amount to three times daily then you should restrict that. One component present in ajwain doesnot considered safe during pregnancy. Better avoid it or eat in small amount.
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Question: I am 12 week pregnant....... Doing walk 30 min...... Want to do some more exercises..... Can I do?
Answer: Dear your first 3 months has not completed yet, don't try to take any physical stress. Confirm from your doctor whether you can do further exercises or not. Phone now working for 1 hour daily and the breathing exercise are safe. From second trimester onwards you can start doing some other exercises like pelvic tales back stretching for 10 minutes each. Hope it helps.
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Question: What is the best method for preventing pregnancy?when i can do this after my delivery?
Answer: Copper t is the best birth control method. You can check with your doctor, and if you want they can insert the copper t immediately after the birth. It has less side effects and once inserted you are free for 3 or 5 years.
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