8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My mouth is always dry. How to resolve this. May I know the reason as well

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Answer: Kuch mouth Mai rakha karo like orange chocolate n something to remove dryness..n drink more water
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Question: I am geetimg dry lips.. always.. may i know the reason for this pls
Answer: Apply ghee 2-3 times. At night before sleeping apply milk cream
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Question: My stomach gets tight always may i know the reason and how to count the baby activity
Answer: As ur baby weight increase u feel tighten stomach Wen ur feeling ur stomach tight u can have daniya water or jera water, and more over its not good to have tighten stomach, go and refer ur doc once she Wil give u som tablets to recover, tighten stomach refers to premature labor so once consult ur gynec, to count ur baby kicks drink hot milk r water n walk for some time and watch ur baby movements
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Question: My baby's head is always warm may I know the reason for this, is it dangerous
Answer: Young babies head development is faster.. that's why there head is normally more warm than there whole body so dun worry.. Sometimes due to teething it is also seen
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