3 months old baby

Question: My 3 months old baby can't do tummy time... And do not have head control.... What should I do?

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Answer: Hi by 4th month almost all babies can hold their neck stable. To help your baby gain neck control it's adviced to give him tummy time. Make baby lie on his stomach for 10-15mins. In this position baby tries to lift snd hold his neck thus causing strengthening of neck muscles.
Answer: About 4 months baby will have head control...my baby is also of 4 months...she can control her head now alot...
Answer: Take the help of his favourite toy... or lighting dolls etc to distract him while he is on tummy.
Answer: Must b weak...wait dont try too much on himmm
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Question: My baby is six months old now but still her head control is not steady.. What can I do?
Answer: try to give your baby ample tummy time so that he can try and put his head up also give your baby a good massage of head and back side of neck.
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Question: My 1year and 3 months old baby is vomitting badly after having a fall on head. What should i do?
Answer: Dear if your baby is still vomiting and not getting better it would be suggested to consult a doctor immediately. He may have got internal injury which is causing these vomitings. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello! My baby head hairs are very less, and he is 3 months old, what should i do, please guide
Answer: my baby has less hair too... he had cradle cap which didn't go away until after 5 months.. there's nothing to freak out as long as your baby is healthy and show signs of growth and development 😊
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