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Question: My 7 months of pregnancy is going on but my hb is very low it's 9.To increase my hb can I drink beetroot juise daily.is it safe.please reply .I am so much worry

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Answer: I will also try eating green vegetables which is the best you should also eat pomegranate you should eat apple you should eat raisins this will also help to increase hemoglobin you should consult to the doctor and take iron supplements which is very important for you to increase hemoglobin levels
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Question: What to eat to increase HB, my HB is very low it's 8.3, pls help
Answer: Hello! Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the bodyIf the Hb level drops, it can cause weakness, fatigue and lead to anemia. Have a glass of beetroot juice on daily basis. Apart from this try to follow these too.  1.  Eat Iron-Rich Food- The top iron rich foods include green leafy vegetables like spinach, beetroot, tofu, asparagus, chicken liver, whole egg, oysters, apple, pomegranate, apricot, watermelon, prunes, pumpkin seeds, dates, almonds, raisins, amla and jaggery 2. Increase Vitamin C Intake Eat foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemon, strawberries, papaya, bell peppers, broccoli, grapefruit and tomatoes. 3. Increase Folic Acid Intake Some good food sources of folic acid are green leafy vegetables, sprouts, dried beans, wheat germ, peanuts, bananas, broccoli and chicken liver. Beetroot is also highly recommended to increase the body’s red blood cell count as it is high in folic acid as well as iron, potassium and fibre. 4. An Apple (or Pomegranate) a Day Keeps The Doctor Away An apple a day can help maintain a normal level of hemoglobin, since apples are rich in iron plus other health-friendly components that are required for a healthy hemoglobin count. You can either eat 1 apple a day, or drink juice made with ½ cup each of apple and beetroot juice twice a day. Add a dash of ginger or lemon juice for extra flavour. Pomegranate is also rich in iron, calcium, fiber and protein. Its nutritional value can help increase hemoglobin and promote healthy blood flow.  5. Avoid Iron Blockers Avoid eating foods that can block your body’s ability to absorb iron, especially if you have a low hemoglobin count i.e. coffee, tea, cola drinks, wine, beer, etc. 7. Exercise Moderate to high intensity workouts are highly recommended, because when you exercise - your body produces more hemoglobin to meet the increasing demand for oxygen throughout the body. Take care
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Question: Hi, I am 7 month pregnant and my hb is low does not increase so what i do?
Answer: Hello Dear are yu not taking iron supplements? If no then talk to yur doctor and start them. If yes then along with iron supplement yu can include this in yur daily diet *mutton,chicken, preferably the dark meat which is found in chicken thighs and legs, *shellfish such as prawns *Leafy green vegetables such chauli, bengal gram leaves, cauliflower greens,shalgam ka sag, pudina and mooli patta,beetroot, pumpkin, sweet Potato broccoli. *cashew nuts, coconut, pumpkin seeds, mustard seeds, sesame seeds,pistachios, raisins, coriander seeds and walnuts. *soya bean, cow peas, kidney beans, dried peas, chickpeas, whole bengal gram and lentils. *date syrup or fresh coconut water *pomegranate,apple,figs,gauva,cherry, chickoo, pear.
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Question: As my HB is very low it is 7 so, Is there any problem in having beetroot as my mother in law says not to have it
Answer: U cn eat it is the best to increase the hb level Have pomogrenet also.
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