40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 8 months going on.but my HB is only 6 point.

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Answer: Very low hg. Drink beetroot juice, carrot juice, add spinach in ur diet. Eat green feg, munnaka daily
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Question: I am 5 months pregnant and my hemoglobin is only 8 point and weight is 63....
Answer: U can increase ur hemoglobin by drinking beetroot and carrot juice ( make sure beetroot to be taken less in starting as it doesn't suit to many bodies) and by taking pomogranate and spinach
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Question: Mera hb 8 point he is this ok
Answer: Hi Hemoglobin level had to be 11 plus during pregnancy Following are the remedies to help increase hb level Have a glass of beetroot and carrot juice with a spoon of lemon juice twice a day Have a small piece of jaggery with ghee and roasted grams everyday Eat iron rich foods such as green leafy vegetables,tofu , asparagus, whole egg, almonds, raisins, watermelon etc Include iron rich fruits in your daily diet Promegranate, apple, strawberry, grape, banana,gaya,litchi and kiwi Include more of citrus fruits in your daily dirt as the are rich in vitamin c which helps iron absorption it into blood streams like oranges or lemons Avoid iron blockers such as areated drinks ,cold drink or caffeine Eating a balanced diet is the best way to endure you get a daily supply of all essential nutrients You may as well opt for iron supplement in for of injection or iv Three session of each or either is required
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Question: My 30 th week is going on.But I am feeling very thirst .is it ok?
Answer: Yes, feeling thirsty is okay and a sign that your body is reacting good to your pregnancy. Drink as much as fluid as possible and keep yourself and your child hydrated. Have coconut water if possible.
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Question: My 9th is going to start with in a week....nd now hb is only 8 grams....plz tell me how can i increase my hb
Answer: Take more iron rich foods..small fish contains more iron..eat two boiled eggs per day.. pomegranate is must
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