4 months old baby

Question: My 4 months 7 days son is sleeping more..is it normal..he sleeps at night 8 pm to 6 am..wakes at 6 am and sleeps at 7-7.30 am wakes again at 9 am ..sleeps at 11 am wakes at 1 pm..sleeps at 2-3pm wakes at 5-6pm.. again back to slp at 8..same routine more or less .is it normal..pls help..am worried..he is sleeping more i think..but drinks milk. Plays well..fuzzy if he dont sleep..wat to do .

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Answer: Its quite normal. It's good to sleep babies.. Every day early morning take baby in sun around 7am. That wil bring baby to keep healthy bone and skin . It wil keep baby very active.
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    neetu yadav30 days ago

    U are lucky ...😂😂

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Answer: Hello dear no problem you can adjust food chart timings according to your baby sleeping patterns.
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Question: Hi...my baby iz 2.5 mnth..he used to slp from 9.30 pm to 6 am only...he not slp in day tym now..is it normal
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