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Question: my 6 months 6 days old daughter is suffering from cough and cool. how to release from it. suggest me please.

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Answer: Hi dear I understand it is it ok for the baby and for you as a mother to see the baby in discomfort but your cough and cold till 3 years of age is very common in babies because there immunity is not that strong to fight of the infection now it can happen due to two reasons whether it's a viral infection or due to weather change now how you can help the baby to have some relief is you need to give a lot of steam bath to your baby it loosens the mucus and helps to come out from nostrils you can also use nasal spray that is naso clear it is a saline water and very good for nose blockage the other thing is warm some oil with the few garlic pods and massage the warm oil to the baby's souls heat and chest make the baby wear socks for some time so that it can be retained and baby will get relief also please breast feed the baby as much as you can so that the baby's body can fight off the germs.. Hope this helps!
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Question: my son is 6 month old and he is suffering from cough please suggest me
Answer: Hie Cough caused by a virus needs to run its course in babies and may take 1-2 weeks as they are low on immunity As you can't give baby strong medicine Go by home remedies that would help fasten the results Massage with warm mustard oil and cover you baby completely Ajwain potli Heat 2 spoon of ajwain on a cotton cloth heat it on a tava Check for temperature on the inner side of the wrist dab on warm potli in babys chest area For 3-5 min Cover baby and hold him upright and gently Pat on his back for 2 -3 min Offer extra breast feeds as your milk carries antibiotics to help fight the illness and he will need plenty of liquid to fight off the infection as well Breathing in steam May be use a facial steamer easily available in medical stores cover yourself with your baby under a thin blanket and on the steamer The steam might help loosen the mucus and thus relieve cough
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Question: Hi, my daughter is 47 days old and she is suffering from cough, kindly suggest
Answer: Hi,try home remedies as due to climate change babies gets effected easily. You should place a steamer next to baby s bed so that baby can inhale the fumes. You should roast some ajwain and tie it in the clean cloth and make a potli and do it's compression on the chest.you should tie garlic pods in the thread and make that wear to your baby as a neckpiece and see to it that it touches the chest ,as this will help in congestion.
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Question: My 6months 22 days old daughter suffering from cold and cough. Please suggest me home made remedies.
Answer: Precautions for cold and cough in babies 1. Give baby lot of rest 2. Continue breast feeding or formula milk so as to keep baby hydrate. 3. Install a humidifier or cool mist vaporizer in your child bedroom. 4. Smell of warm ajwain / carom seeds tied in pouch will help a lot 5. Smell of garlic and ajwain will ease congestion. 6. You can also give chicken soup to your baby Give baby steam. Make sure baby is away from source of steam.
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