3 months old baby

Question: My 3 months 14 days old baby is on formula milk and he always vomits all the milk he drunk even after burping..What to do.please help.

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Answer: Hello, please contact your pediatrician for the same as your baby might be allergic to formula milk. he might change the brand.
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Question: My baby is 3 months old.. he vomits( curd type) a lot even after burping.. plz
Answer: that s common problem at that stage..the digestive system s still developing.. u can try these measures - burp in n between the feeding - burp after the feeding s must, don't settle for one burp sometimes they will burp 2-3 times - try to sit and feed, dont lie down. that way the baby s postioned in slanting hence milk will flow down easy - keep the baby in upright postion for about 20min post feeding
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Question: Dr. My baby is 7 weeks old... He spits milk all the time... even after burping
Answer: Hi. Please don't worry. It's due to gas formation. Please take care of your diet as spicy indigestion can cause cholic to baby. Give baby tummy massage with warm oil. Exercise baby legs well like cycling. If baby cries due to pain you have to use medication as per doctors guidance. Take care
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Question: My baby is 4months old. Fed on formula milk and bm. But these days he vomits a lots after feeding when he burps. Even after burping he vomits these days it has increased a lot. Can anyone help me out
Answer: Hi y haven't u stopped formula inspite if breast feeding, n maybe ur son is not able to digest formula n see if u can only breast feed for another 2-3 months or consult ur pead n see if ur son needs a different brand.
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