7 months old baby

Question: My 6 months daughter cries a lot while her urine discharge what should i do ?

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Answer: Hi! Its very common in such little babies, its their way of giving you cues that they want to pee or poop, usually notice they cry when they are awake and dont cry when they are asleep, hence if its a medical issue the baby would get up from the sleep and cry , but its not the case however for your peace of mind you can talk to the pediatrician. And keep yourself hydrated as you are feeding your child. Good luck!
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Question: My baby is 6 months old she is having urine infection she cries a lot what should I do??
Answer: Urine infection in babies is quite difficult to handle.it happened with my baby too almost around the same age.it was very terrifying.ao he'd on we mothers too.antibiotics is the only option.at the same time please give plenty of fluids to your baby.make ,that a habit from now on.it could recur if not taken precautions.make sure baby only uses clean commode or potty seat.too long in diaper,where baby might have pooped a little could also give rise to infections.wash the private parts nicely with plain water after every time she urinates.make her weR clean underwear.do rinse her underwear in antiseptic liquids after every wash.never wipe back to front.always front to back is preferred,as bacteria from anal area could enter through urinary area.continue the course of antibiotics ,donot stop in between,even if your baby feels better.incomplete course of antibiotics could recur the infection.
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Question: My 6 months old daughter cries a lot while discharching urine ..what should i do ?
Answer: Hello... It is a sign of dehydration,since your baby is in breastfeeding,you should take lot of water, juices it will help her from dehydration,and also apply castor oil in baby's tummy,it will reduce heat, Don't let her scalp dry,always apply little coconut oil in her head
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Question: My daughter is 1.5 months old.. She cries a lot while passing urine. Any Sol plz
Answer: This could be because of dehydrated body. Your baby is very small to have liquids the only thing u can give him at this stage is breast milk. Breast Milk have all the vital nutrients that ur baby need. Keep him hydrated by giving him breast milk only. Some tips for mothers also coz at this time mom is only the source of nutrition for the baby so keep urself hydrated have more or liquids like lime water, coconut water, cranberry juice. Include curd in ur diet coz it's the best probiotic.Also you  can apply hing paste on belly point.U can dip the ear buds in olive or coconut oil and keel it in the anal region.
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