4 months old baby

Question: My 3 months baby wants breastmilk every half an hour it is normal??

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Answer: Yes dear It is normal that ur baby wants breastmilk after every half an hour. Whenever u feed ur baby, u will see that after sometime ur baby will make his diapers wet that means passes urine and started crying. It clearly shows that ur baby is again hungry. So, continue feeding ur baby after every 2 hrs.
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Question: Hi my daughter drinks breast milk for 10 min and plays only for half an hour...she wants me to give feeding for every half an hour...is this normal in 3 months
Answer: Hi.. Ensure to feed her by both the sides for 20 mins each. If she feels hunger too often ( less than 2hrs ), she probably might not be getting enough BM. Feeding every half hour is not ideal for you as well since it would strain your body too much. Try expressing and find how much milk you are able to give her..normally baby's would drink 2-3 ounzes of milk 2 months ( varies from baby to baby) . If she is getting sufficient, she probably just wants to suckle :)
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Question: My 26 days old baby boy wants breastmilk in every half an hour. Is he remain hungry?? or just for comforting himself?
Answer: Yeh sirf khud ko comfort karne ke liye hota hai..and breast ko bhi 2 hrs ka rest chahiye. Har 2 hrs mein 20 mins atleast feed karna chahiye..isse zyaada feeding generally baby ko required nahi hoti.aur woh sirf soothing ke liye karta hai.
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Question: My 1 month old baby is continuously asking for milk fir every half an hour ..is it normal?
Answer: First see that you have suffucient breastmilk. As he may be getting less bm. He may want the feed often. See if the latch is correct while breastfeeding. If he slow latcher u must offer breast for about 15mins each side.
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