2 years old baby

Question: My 2yrs 4 months baby is having fever n also having gas trouble not having food too.if little he is consuming then his stomach is getting big .what to do

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Answer: Intestinal gas is a perfectly normal occurrence in children and in adults. (We grown-ups pass, on average, 2 liters of gas a day, and it can be as high as 8 liters a day.) In most cases, it isn't a cause for concern, unless your child is experiencing more than minor discomfort and complaining a lot.Typically, a child with gas has bloating, pain, or burning in his belly, and frequent burping or flatulence. He may also feel a bit of nausea. It most likely only happens once in a while nothing to worry about that.. reasons to gas are Eating a lot of high-fiber foods, like cereal, or fatty foods, like French fries,Ingesting a particular protein lie cows milk in formula or breast milk. eating cauliflower, broccoli, beans children develop gas Drinking a lot of juice and drinking a lot of soda can develop gas so aviod these foods ... give plenty amount of water to your baby. you can also try fennel tea .
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Question: My baby is getting more gas outside is it gud and his stomach is Little hard what to do ??
Answer: If he's passing gas it really good. 1 take a spoon have few drops of water and add heeng apply it near naval , it vl help release gas. 2 take oil n massage clockwise dan anti clockwise twice a day or wen u feel baby is uncomfortable. 3 take ur baby head down with tummy on lap and pat from behind this to relieves baby in stomach pain.
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