4 months old baby

Question: My 4 months baby have eartag.when it operate

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Question: My baby have 4 months 14 days old is it safe to put nestum for baby
Answer: Hello! Ideally, I would not suggest you to do that. Please breastfeed or formula feed the baby atleast till the age of 6 months and after that start with semi solids . Also go for simple home made fresh food rather than packaged food as they are high in sugar and preservatives. You can give your baby apple puree, banana smashed, orange juice, carrot puree, beetroot soups, rice smashed, dal smashed . But give these only after the age of 6 months. Take care
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Question: Is it normal to have veins in breast?? My baby is 4 months old
Answer: Hii that is a sign of pregnancy but not an early sign. When pregnant your body pumps twice as much blood so the veins swell causes you to see them. They become visible on your thighs/leg area as well. So don't worry. It's quite normal. Even I also got it .
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Question: My baby is 4 months old. I wish to have sex now. Is it right?
Answer: Hello dear.. Yes, you can have intercourse after three months of delivery, if you have any pain or bleeding after that, please consult doctor
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