3 months old baby

Question: My 3 months baby got fever last night (post vaccination) and gave paracetamol drops and since he is breastfed what food can i intake to get cured soon ..

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Answer: It does not depend upon your food intake.. Fever and pain will be there for 3 days don't worry.
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Question: My baby is 3 years old. Since last night and night she is having decentry and fever what to do
Answer: Here are some remedies which are really very effective. Try them # give pomegranate juice daily to ur baby. # mix 1 spoon honey into curd and give this mixer two time daily. # tulsi leaves juice is also effective. Give it two times daily # crush some garlic and mix sendha salt make paste and give it two time daily for 5 6 days. # roast some turmeric and give it with water. # mix black salt and black pepper powder in to lassi and give it your baby.
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Question: My baby got fever 103 degree Fahrenheit i gave paracetamol drops now fever is cured but he is more tired wat to do pls tell me
Answer: Just feed baby even if he is sleeping.. allow him to sleep..
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Question: 24th feb 45 days vaccination done after that gave him 2-3 times paracetamol drops from yesterday he can't sleep continuous awakes scratching faces and crying body temp normal food intake normal.pls suggest
Answer: Massage the area where baby has been shot with warm water atleast 3 4 times a day. It will relief the pain. Also after vaccination baby becomes fussy so cuddle and comfort your baby, don't force him to do anything.
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