3 months old baby

Question: My 3 months baby girl left the bottle she doesn't like rubber she loves flesh as soon as she gets 3 months old she left the bottle feed what to do i can keep her on my feed only kindly suggest so that she again start to accept the bottle i am trying everything thing to make her start the bottle again

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Answer: Hi.. Dear it is recommended to give breast feed or formula milk until six months.. There are females who only breast feed their baby till first six months.. I did feed my baby until one year, first six months only breast feed, then introduced semi solids (starting with dal ka pani).. With breast feed.. However, your daughter started taking bottle so it will not be difficult now, before she goes off to sleep breast feed her, when she starts closing her eyes, put bottle in her mouth (make sure that she is not full)..
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    Gunjjan Bharti26 days ago

    I already try that she is pushing back the bottle nippel what should I do

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Question: My baby is two months old. She always keep her face to the right side. We tried so much to keep her head to the left but she started crying and while sleeping she gets up when we turn her head to left. We tried pillow as well but doesn't work. Her head from the left side getting bigger . Pls suggest what to do.
Answer: A mustard seeds pillow gives the baby much needed comfort because it is very soft.It has been observed that sleeping on mustard seed pillows smooths out the shape of the baby’s head.Since the mustard pillow can take up the shape of the head, slight bumps or dents can be fixed when your baby is using this pillow.Mustard seed pillows for newborns are adaptable and as your baby turns the head in sleep, the pillow adapts itself to the sleeping position of the baby’s head. In this way, even if your baby sleeps only on one side, the pillow will not put pressure on the head and that is why, even if your baby does not have any birth defects associated with the shape of head, let your baby sleep on a mustard seed pillow.
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Question: For the past 5 days my 3 and half months old takes only dreamfeed. She never takes feed while awake. Each time i need to make her sleep to feed. She cries as soon as i take her to feed
Answer: Hi Don't worry Kids change as time goes by You'd kid will also leave this habit Try feeding her slowly when she is awake See if she is facing any problems while feeding If there is no issue and she is active don't worry If needed talk to a pediatrician
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Question: How long cn i store bm after pumping.. She doesn't suck n drink so i pump n make her feed.. Before she gets up i should pump so tel me how much time its safe to keep n bottle
Answer: U can keep 4-6hrs in sterilize container...if u refrigerate it u can keep 12hrs but bfr gng bring it to room temp
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