11 months old baby

Question: My 10 months baby boy has sore throat, he's not drinking milk at all not from bottle or any other thing, he's becoming too fussy,not even sleeping properly,plz tell me what to do?so that he can get over with that conjetion in the neck.

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Question: Doctor, My baby boy, aged 9 months, has abruptly stopped drinking milk with feeding bottle. I used to give him lactogen 2. Now he's not even taking milk in a cup. Any alternatives for this?!
Answer: Hi dear sometimes baby do so. U can buy an interesting and attractive sipper for ur baby and give. make sure to give only formula milk. U can make shake with formula milk by mixing feuits. That is also good option.
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Question: My baby is 10 months old now he is not drinking water at all because of that his skin is becoming so dry now wat to do ?
Answer: Hello dear,  you can try this... Put the cup to her mouth but also leave it on the table or highchair tray so she can have a go on her own. If your toddler likes milk and is getting all the milk she needs, try adding a bit of extra water to her bottle. Keep trying. Babies rarely drink much to begin with and that's fine; they'll gradually drink more.. You can try to drink in her favourite bottles or cup also. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Question: Hi my baby girl she is drinking milk only one breast she is not at all drinking in other breast. While sleeping sometimes she drinks in that breast
Answer: Hi it is important that you feel the baby equally from both the science and substance will start paining and will become heavy you should massage the breast before feeding a baby and try to feed the baby alternatively from each breast.
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