3 months old baby

Question: My 3 month old son is spitting milk today every time he drink. Earlier he used to spit now and then sometimes in curd form and sometimes in milk form. But today he is spitting milk. How can i stop it? What is the reason for it?

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Answer: Make her feed in intervals of 2 hr.The reason could be full appetite
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Question: My baby used to spit up after every feed...sometimes it's like curd n sometime milk only. What is the reason?
Answer: If it is like curd then don't worry.... feed dene baad usko gle lga ke uski back ko thoda rub krdo... milk digest ho jayega... feed krne baad usko bithao mat..
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Question: My 3 month old baby now drinking bm only after 3 hours. Earlier she used ti drink milk in every 1 hour..is it ok
Answer: every month babies feeding timings and sleeping schedule will be changing during initial months their growth rate will be fast so they need more milk
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Question: My baby is spitting out milk in curd form..what should I do..is it because of cold
Answer: Yes bcoz of cold. My baby is also facing same problem
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