1 months old baby

Question: my 1 month old son cry very sudden for the feed..he give no time to even prepare milk or to raise the shirt for the breastfeeding... what to do to calm him..i tried many ways like swing him in lap...tap on his hips... but no advantages...plz help

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Answer: Hi! May be baby becomes too hungry and cant control the hunger hence cries and gives no time, pls dont worry thr is nothing to be worried abt, its just a phase and wil soon be fine.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi my baby just wants me to carry him all the time...he got use to hand swing and lap rest ....and if layed down starts crying like anything...how can I change his this behaviour... please help me
Answer: Only way is to let him be on his own till he cries. Baby are quite smart they kniw if they cry u will pick them up so don't do it. A day or 2 not listening to his tantrum will make him understand that its not gonna work. Try to make him play at tht time by just lying on bed don't pick him. Just play with him.
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Question: Mine is a very calm baby, who cries only for feeding. However, when my baby cries, my in-laws are not allowing to feed immediately and trying to calm him by rocking or taking him outside. I am able to feed him around 45mins later after his cry. Is this ok to be followed?
Answer: Hi dear, Why like that? Please donot encourage this.baby is hungry and crying due to that.keeping baby wait for so long would stress the baby ,please feed the baby if he demands .keep him waiting,makes no sense.
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Question: My baby is 13 days old...sometimes he sleeps for 3to 4 hours and i cant feed him in sleep...tried many ways to wake him up for breast feeding but nothing works
Answer: Did u th to tickling his feet or rubbing behind ears. Best two ways. Do it even in a harsh manner but do it wake him up when free him else it will become a habit and he will maintain that
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