7 months old baby

Question: My 7 month old is not taking any solids from past 2 days, shes just on breadtmilk, and doing yellow watery poop 4-5times a day.. Please suggest what to do

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Question: Hi,My baby z not eating anything from past 4 days,shes just on milk &liquid farex n shes having loose motions .can anyone suggest any home remedies???
Answer: food type is d main cause for loose motions... if you feed her solids, motion might come hard. why isn't she eating food, is she suffering from cold? start thickening food day by day. if she passes motion more than 9 times or if she isn't actio, please consult Paediatrician
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Question: Baby is doing watery yellow poop 4 times in a day,she is 3 months old and completely breastfed
Answer: this is normal this is because of the breast milk . some babies Poop after each feed and some babies Poop only in 3 days . if the baby is pooping after each feed that means the baby is getting plenty of milk . if The Poop has any smell you should consult the doctor
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Question: My 5 month 11 days old baby girl doing watery green poop with mucus 5-6 times in a day please suggest me friends what should I do??
Answer: She s having cold nd cough for sure nd may b nuemonia.plz consult child specialist asap
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