6 months old baby

Question: My 6 month old girl always put her tounge out and lick upper and lower lip

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Answer: Hi ,it is ok.it is just a habit. Even my daughter use to do that and continued till some.mo that but when the baby is doing this you should stop the baby then slowly baby will realise that is not to be done So nothing's to worry in that
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Question: My 99days old baby always put his tounge outside . Why?
Answer: It is a habit, there is nothing else. Do not panic whenever you are outside the tunge. If you catch him or you put him in. Speak to him or to shut him down. He will get rid of his habit. If you do, then he will get rid of his habit. Just a habit
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Question: My 3month old baby always pull his tounge out and showing some gesters is it normal
Answer: Dear it is normal. Normally babies of that age do it there is nothing to be worried because of that. Drooling is normal and may increase once your baby starts teething. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hey mu baby is 2 and half month old he always put his lips inside his mouth and grasp his hand some times he take lower lip and sometimes upper lip
Answer: Thats quite normal. Babies do it ofter when they are hungry so observe if that is happening because of hunger then u would have to reduce the time between the feeds.
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