3 months old baby

Question: My 3 month old baby she doesn't drink my breast milk properly just for 5 to10 mins that only 3to 4 times during day and nor does she take formula milk. What can i do to for her healthy growth

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Answer: Sometimes, flow is high n babies are not able to cope up with the flow. So try feeding ur baby by both the breast. Observe, by which one ur baby is comfortable with
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Question: My daughter is 9 month and 15 days old... her weight is only 6.5.. I am very concern .. she does not drink milk properly... she takes my feed only for 2-3 mins Nd formula milk only 60 ml...
Answer: Mix the biscut with water and ggive her. Give half idly by mixing it with water. Heat little gee in cooker add rice , moong dall, carrot and salt. Make it to cook and smmash it give her. Give currd rice cvurd should be made at home. Give dall rice
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Question: My daughter is 55days old she doesn't drink milk at all breast milk nor formula milk any reason for that ?? Any solutions
Answer: Hi! 55 days old not taking feed is stressful. Can you pls describe more on “doesnt drink milk”? Does the baby have a cold? Are you waiting for the baby to demand to be fed? Whats the pee count in 24 hours? Also, has the baby been sleeping for most of the time? Is the baby active and alert while awake? Pees are clear, pale and mild smelling? Please specify. Are you giving the baby any medicine for cold? If so, that could be making the baby sleep longer Please nurse the baby in an upright position to help her breathe better while nursing Sitting in a hot steamy barhroom and nursing helps tremendously. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby doesn't eat kichidi,she eats only cerlac only that to only two times a day. & breast milk only
Answer: Don't worry dear Whatever ur baby likes u give her because if u force ur baby to eat something else she will vomit. Just try to feed ur baby even if she is eating little. Don't worry as ur baby's stomach is too small so after eating little her stomach becomes full.
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