5 months old baby

Question: my 5 month old baby is suffering from cough and stuffy nose,suggest some good and quick remedy.

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Answer: Your baby’s cold will go away on its own. But there are a few things you can do to ease his discomfort: Make sure your baby gets plenty of rest.Encourage your baby to take extra breast or bottle feeds. If your baby is formula-fed or on solids he can have water too. This will keep him hydrated and bring down his fever, if he has one.Your baby will be too young to blow his own nose. So help him to breathe more easily by wiping his nose for him. You can also dab a little petroleum jelly on to the outside of your baby's nostrils to reduce any irritation.If your baby is having trouble feeding because of a stuffy nose, nasal saline drops may help to unblock his nose. You can buy these from your pharmacy. Apply the drops to each nostril 15 minutes before a feed.A vapour rub may help your baby to breathe more easily. You can buy one from your pharmacy. Apply it to his chest and back. Don’t put it on his nostrils as it could restrict his breathing.Breathing in steam may help to loosen your baby’s blocked airways and relieve his cough. Try sitting in a steamy bathroom for a few minutes, with the shower on, while holding your baby. But don't put your baby too close to hot, steamy water, as it could scald him. Change him into dry clothes afterwards. If your baby has a stuffy nose without any other symptoms, check that he doesn't have something stuck in his nose. Even young babies are capable of putting things up there. Don't give your baby any over-the-counter cough and cold medicines. They should not be given to children under six because of the risk of side-effects your baby is under three months, take him to the doctor at the first sign of illness.  For a baby over three months, you may want to take him to the doctor to confirm that it is a common cold.  Also take your baby to the doctor if: his cold hasn’t improved after five dayshis temperature climbs above 38 degrees C if he is under three months, and above 39 degrees C if he is under six monthshe is having trouble breathinghe has a cough that won't go awayhe is rubbing his ears and seems irritated. This could signal an ear infectionhe is coughing up green, yellow or brown mucus, or it’s running from his nose
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Question: My baby is suffering from cough..any quick home remedy
Answer: Hello dear... To reduce babys cold and cough, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you.. Make him to drink water,soups in little lukewarm condition,because it will definitely controls cough and cold Apply Vick's in betel leaf,show it under lamb for two minutes and then keep that in baby's chest,will help in reducing cold a lot You can also dry roast a spoon of ajwan seeds with garlic pod, dry roast it,make a pouch,keep near baby when they are sleeping,it reduces all respiratory issues, it is antibacterial and antifungal too... Boil Tulsi leaves with pepper in a glass of water,if it reduce to half,filter this water and feed them, it is a best remedy , continuous usage of this drink will increases immunity a lot Heat coconut oil with garlic,pepper,and little turmeric powder,use ts oil and massage in throat,chest for five minutes,it will helps in reducing cough
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Question: My baby is 4 month old and suffering from cough & cold .plz suggest me some remedy??
Answer: हेलों आपका बच्चा 4 महीने का है बच्चे को सर्दी और फीवर है फीवर अगर ज़्यादा है तो डॉक्टर को दिखायें क्योकी फीवर में बच्चे कमज़ोर हो जाते है ,आपका बेबी अभी बहुत छोटा है ऐसे में मेडिसिन आप बेबी को डॉक्टर की सलाह ले कर ही दे बच्चे को कफ है तो बेबी को nebulize मशीन से करवाये बच्चे को कफ से राहत मिलेगी बच्चों का इम्यून सिस्टम कमज़ोर होता है ऐसे में बच्चे को कपड़े ऐसे पहनाये कि गर्माहट बनी रहें कमरे को भी गरम रखने की कोशिश करे .आप उसे घी और कपूर का मिश्रण लगा सकते है। पहले घी ले और उसे हल्का गर्म करें, फिर उसमे कपूर के कुछ टुकड़े डाल दें और पिघलने दें। ठंडा हो जाने के बाद इसे आप उसकी छाती, पीठ और तलवे पर लगाएं। उसे आराम मिलेगा। आप उसे सरसों के तेल को गर्म कर उसमे अजवाइन और लहसुन डालें ,फिर जब वह ठंडा हो जाए तो उसे उसकी छाती और पीठ पर अच्छी तरह से लगाएं बच्चे को आराम करवाये बच्चे जितना आराम करेगा उतनी जल्दी रिकवर करेगा अगर आप ब्रेस्ट फीड माँ है तो खाने में सन्तुलित और हेल्थी चीज़ें खायें जिसके कारण बच्चे को न्यूट्रिशन मिल सकें और बच्चे को पानी की कमी ना हो lबच्चे को संक्रमण से बचाने के लिये अपना और बच्चे का हाथ साफ रखें बच्चे को फीड कराते समय पहले हैण्ड वाश करेl बच्चे को फीड कराते समय और सुलाते समय बच्चे का सर कुछ ऊपर रखें इसके लिए आप पतली तकिया का यूज़ कर सकती है ऐसे में बच्चे को साँस लेने में आसानी होगी आप अजवाइन भून ले उसे एक कपड़े में बाँध कर पोटली बना ले फिर उसे बच्चे के बच्चे के बैक चेस्ट तलवो पर सीकाई करे धयान रहें अजवाइन ज़्यादा गर्म नही होना चाहिए .बच्चे को कुछ देर सँवरे 8 से 10 बजे की धूप में ज़रूर ले जायें ताकि बच्चे को सूर्य के प्रकाश से विटामिन डी मिलें विटामिन डी बच्चे के सर्दी को कम करने और ग्रोथ में हेल्प फूल हैlधुप दिखाने के लिए बच्चे को सीधे धुप में न रखें।डायपर समय पर बदले प्रोबेल्म ज़्यादा हो तो डोक्टर से सलाह ले I
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Question: Hi my baby is suffering from cough cold runny nose suggest some home remedy
Answer: Hie Following are a few remedies that can help your baby  Slice up a fresh onion and keep in near your baby sulfur content in onion draws out mucus and fluid in r body . Run a humidifier through the room to help moisten the air and help baby breathe You may keep a bowl of hot water with 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil to it to help relieve congestion. Saline water drops 1-2 drops in each nostril shall help loosen up the mucus and expel it from your babys body . Add 1-2 drops of eucalyptus oil to a tissue paper and keep it near baby to help breathe . Elevate your babys head with the help of a pillow to help him breathe and drain down mucus. Add 2 spoons of ajwain to a cotton cloth heat it on a tava and check on your inner wrist for temperature is mild warm apply on your baby's chest ,neck and nose . Gently dab for 3-5 mins and cover your baby, hold him upright and gently Pat his back to break congestion. Came across a doctor who prescribe Mucolite it's an mucus thinner which works by thinning the mucos and draining it out of baby body by poop It took a 3-4 days but I'd worked The quantity would depend on the weight so would suggest consult your pediatrician regarding same . Apart from that Massage your baby with a mustard oil heated on a low flame with 4-5  garlic cloves Drain and apply when mild warm And ensure you cover him well once you massage him with the oil Also rub oil onto his chest, palms and feets and put on tshirt, mittens and socks to trap the heat
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