9 months old baby

Question: My 8 month old baby is pulling ears n rubbing his eyes very frequently what may be the reason pls suggest whether to go to doctor or not

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Answer: Hello, when babies feel sleepy this can be a reason they might pull the ears and rub their eyes frequently check if your baby is sleepy and put him you to sleep if there is some sort of watery eyes and some dirt coming out of the eyes you can go to the doctor
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    Radha Reddy4 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Since two days my 2months old baby rubbing eyes frequently..what would be the reason
Answer: Hello dear There can be various reasons of baby rubbing their eyes: 1. Baby is feeling sleepy 2. Baby's eyes are dry 3. Baby is curious if she develops motor skills, she may be experimenting by touching every part of her body to understand how her body will respond. 4. Baby is loving to open the eyes, closing and rubbing the eyes to see different visual patterns 5. There might be something in baby's eyes. There is no need to panic or worry if you see your little one rubbing eyes. Just take proper care of baby and take preventive measures
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Question: my baby boy always rubbing his left side ears. what will be the reason for it?
Answer: if ur baby is casually scratching or rubbing at his ear but seems happy and playful then it may b teething a simple reaction to the tingling of the tooth... but if ur baby is doing regularly then might b chances are too much wax in his ear.... please check....
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Question: My 8 months baby is rubbing his eyes frequently, what to do now
Answer: Dear it can be some allergy so just wash baby's eyes with cold water frequently and clean them with clean soft cloth. It will be fine..
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