1 months old baby

Question: My 1 month old baby is continuously asking for milk fir every half an hour ..is it normal?

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Answer: First see that you have suffucient breastmilk. As he may be getting less bm. He may want the feed often. See if the latch is correct while breastfeeding. If he slow latcher u must offer breast for about 15mins each side.
Answer: Feed him 10min each from both sides n Den feed every two hours
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Question: Hi my baby is asking for feed every half an hour. What to do
Answer: Dear it could be happening because ur breastmilk is not coming enough for the baby or he is not taking the feed for longer duration. If it is second and ur baby sleeps while feeding it is normal for babies of that age and u can make him burp when he is dozing of or keeping running ur finger behind his ears to keep him awake. If the breastmilk is not sufficient then I can share some home remdies to improve the breastmilk production. Simply soak some fenugreek seeds in water overnight. In the morning you can boil them for about 5 minutes in water and strain the seeds. What's left is fenugreek tea which you can sip on daily till you feel the milk supply has increased as per expectation. Hope it helps.
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Question: having 2 months old baby...asking breastfeed for every half an hour
Answer: Follow a routine with baby. Feed at every two hours for 20mins each breast. This way you ll be sure that you baby’s tummy is full and he ll also get used to having milk at regular intervals.
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Question: My baby is one month old, for every half an hour he is peeing, is it OK?? Or any problems??
Answer: Hello dear, Frequent urination in babies is actually most often a sign of a well hydrated, well taken care of baby with a healthy bladder. The baby hasn’t really learned how to control their bladder yet by this age and they will go a lot. I know it means extra work for you but it’s a good sign.  this is normal  just feed baby frequently. If your baby is active and growing well. Nothing to worry about. Take care ur little one..
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Question: Hi, my son is of 1 month 22 days old, my question is that I am not sure whether my milk is sufficient for him, he passes urine almost every half an hour and immediately starts crying for milk, keeps sucking milk for 15-20 mins but again in half an hour he starts asking. what need to be done for this
Answer: if baby put on at least 450g in the past month, then he is getting enough milk. apart from weight gain, their wet/ dirty diaper count also tells how much milk he is getting. if he has a minimum of 6 very wet diapers, he is fine. babies do suck for comfort even if they are not pulling milk out of the breast. this is only to self soothe. their sucking pattern is different when they are havnig milk vs time pass sucking. when they are drinking, they have a suck-suck-gulp movement. if you want your baby to have more of your milk, definitely cut down the formula. the more he drinks from you, the more milk you will make. and don't worry, your body will always produce more than your baby needs. 
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