Few weeks old baby

Question: My 11 month old baby has bad nose congestion.went to doctor and got saline drops but still he is suffering.not able to breath.what can i do please

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Answer: How many days u gave?????
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Question: My baby is 2 month and 16 days old, boy baby. He got severe cold and cough. He had trouble to breathe, i take him to doctor they prescribe drops, but no use, saline drops also i do put in his nose, but still he can't breath properly. please advice what to do
Answer: Put a few saline drops in her nose to help loosen up some of the mucus. And suck out any excess snot with a bulb syringe (not pretty, but effective) to help clear out her passageways. Put a humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer in her bedroom; it'll add moisture to the air and help her breathe more easily. You could try the special nonmedicated version of its famous vapor rub for babies 2 months and older. ... Use these to release the scent of menthol to soothe and ease congestion for your baby.
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Question: my baby had got cold but he still has nose weizing sound. I'm applying nasal saline drops wat else can be done to get rid off that sound.
Answer: Few home remedies for cough & cold in kids – 1) Roast 2-3 cloves of garlic & few pinches of jeera in tawa for a minute. The smell of this mixture will help relieve cold 2) If you are still breastfeeding, apply breast milk on nose 3) Give mild steam 4) Keep baby’s head elevated while sleeping 5) Can apply saline water, it helps to clear stuffy nose 6) Gently apply & massage with warm sarso tail with ajwain in it 7) Give kaada of tulsi, adrak juice & honey
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Question: My 5 month old baby is having severe runny nose and sneezing and cough. Doctor has precribed saline drops and kofarest drops. Please tell me any other remedies so that i can comfort baby. Please help
Answer: hi you can try home remedies which will help the baby plays the steamer next to the babies bed you should roast some ajwain and try it in the clean cloth and make the potli and do compression on the babies just you should warm the mustard oil oil massage with this oil on the baby's chest back and feet just before sleeping this will also help the baby in congestion
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