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Question: My 15 month old baby girl has loose motions with vomiting in between. What should i give her to eat?

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Answer: Hello dear Loose motions or diarrhoea in babies are caused due to various reasons such as allergies of some food, antibiotics, surrounding is unclean etc. Home remedies for loose motions: 1. Give ORS to the baby at regular intervals to keep dehydration 2. Give banana to babies as it contains potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin A and B6 3. Mix a teaspoon of ginger, some cinnamon powder, a bit of cumin powder and a teaspoon of honey. Give this mixture to your baby thrice a day. 4. Give ur baby apple, curd, buttermilk, coconut water, carrot juice, starch rich products, lemon, mint etc
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Question: My baby girl is of 17 months she has loose motion...what should i give her to eat & to stop loose motions... please help me
Answer: hi dear ,banana avocado smoothie is an excellent option of food during loose motion in babies. Sabudana is also effective in loose motion,you can make sabudana Kheer for your baby. Eash an apple, boil it in water and make a puree so that it will be soft and easily digestible. This will not only keep loose motions at bay but will provide your baby with much-needed energy.  Cocoonut water is a wonderful liquid to aid your child’s recovery from diarrhoea. A home remedy can help you as well- Mix a teaspoon of ginger, some cinnamon powder, a bit of cumin powder and a teaspoon of honey. Give this mixture to your baby thrice a day.  hope this above information will help you
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Question: Hello my nine months baby having loose motions what should i give her to eat
Answer: Hi dear, If the stool is semi solid then no need to worry if he or she is passing watery stools and that is also 10 times or more in 2-3 hours then u need to check with Dr. You can try some home remedies for baby like a light diet like khichdi, curd rice, daal rice, homemade soups, coconut water, lemon water, juices avoid junk foods include saboodana in his diet as It's very effective u can also give saunf water or rice water have more starchy foods. All the best take care
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Question: What should I do or eat to stop loose motions in my 3 month old baby
Answer: Hi.. Dear babies do not have a fully developed intestine, and hence they do not absorb food very well.Therefore, it is normal for infants to pass frequent and watery stool. However, if you are breast feeding your baby follow a BRAT diet (banana, rice, Apple sauce, toast) .. Additionally, apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice in a day.. It will give your toddler some comfort..
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Question: my baby is 8 month old and she has start theething i think thats why she is suffering with loose motions so what should i give to my baby to cure her loose motions
Answer: If she is doing loose motion give ORS to her give mashed banana nd consult doctor...
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