4 months old baby

Question: My 3 month old baby don't pee during night when was sleeping for almost 5 hours... Is there any problem??but when she is awake she passes urine many times

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Answer: Dear if your baby is passing urine normally in the day I do not think there would be anything to worry. A 5 hour gap in pee is absolutely fine. Hope it helps.
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Question: My 3.5 old month baby girl not passing urine from last 4-5 days while sleeping either its day or night..but when she awake she passes urine..she is fine otherwise.what to do??
Answer: dont worry mom...its normal....even my baby use to do that....I consulted with my pediatrician, he said its totally normal.
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Question: My baby doesn't pee whole night while sleeping, and in day time she 8-9 times she passes urine while awake..is this is normal?
Answer: Hi dear it's fine nothing to worry about it .... In deep sleep it happens and common ..Don't worry. Relax
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Question: My daughter is 6 months old... She passes urine 12-14 times a day...Today also she passes urine more than 10 times... But 4-5 times she passes urine a few... Is this ok or is there any problem??
Answer: If she doesn't cry while peeing it's normal nothing to worry..
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