26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 6 month is about to end...total weight gain is just 2.750 kgs...i m too worried dctor recommended that it should be minimum 5..6 kgs till this time..what should i do?

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Answer: Eat healthy foods
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Question: My baby is 6+ but she s just 5.5 kgs ..her Bw is 3.2 am much worried about this 😟 is this weight is normal?
Answer: Dear baby's weight is fine don't worry. Baby is 6 months so you can start some semi solid food for baby for weight gain. you can start with home made food like sooji kheer,porridge(dalia),banana,sooji halwa,pulses meshed and boiled properly. Cerelac may be used but i prefer home made foods.cerelac may be given easily when you areStart with home made foods travelling. Start one food product and give same for 3 to 5 days and then add another one. It will help develop taste. Initially only spoons 2 to 3 he will eat then increase it day by day.
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Question: Before pregnancy my body weight About 58 kgs .now i am 20 week pregnant .how much be the total normal weight gain for me during pregnancy?
Answer: In a healthy pregnancy you gain upto 14 kgs so a range of 12 to 14 kgs is considered normal because you are baby alone weights around 2.8 kgs at delivery or even more and your place in Thai awaits 4 to 5 kgs and the fluid weight is additional so these all accumulates to a total of 14 to 15 kgs and also it varies in singleton or multiple pregnancy wait also depend upon height because without a proper height your weight may cause a lot of joint pain so at this point your weight should be somewhere around 62 to 64 kg but do not worry since you have not written your height here we cannot compute it properly
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Question: I just wanted to ask that I can't gain weight I am 29 weeks pregnant nd I a gain only 6 kg total is it normal
Answer: Try to gain ur weight cos the weight wjich u r gaining is also helping ur baby to gain weight don't worry about losin it cos rit nw ur main concern should be ur baby weight gain if u don't gain proper there would be chance that ur baby born can be under weight
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