23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 6 month has started and doc hav told me that the space between cervix n baby is only 3 inch so u should hv complete bed rest is der any to worry or what should i do so that the baby dont come down...

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Answer: Hi Dear! when you are not pregnant the lower end of your uterus out the cervix should be 4 to 5 cm long and when you get pregnant it becomes shorter with time and as and when your pregnancy advances your baby grows your uterus grows big it puts a lot of pressure on your cervix when it gets it keeps getting dilated now if it is only 3 inches in the six months of pregnancy then it is definitely a concern and that's why your doctor has asked you for bed rest please make sure that you do not lift any heavyweight do not intercourse with your partner do not walk fast avoid constipation and have easy to digest food because if it gets more dilated then you might have to undergo cervical cerclage to protect the baby till the term.. Hope this helps!
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    shristhi agarwal56 days ago

    Thankq so much..m

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Question: Today after internal examination doc found out that the baby head has come down and so has suggested bed rest for 2weeks. Are there any complications because of this? I have just started my 34th week
Answer: Hi dear since your baby's head has come down baby will soon try to fall in the birth canal and will try to come out by engage in its head and pelvis that is the reason your doctor has asked you to take bed rest because you are only 34 weeks pregnant now and usually after 37 weeks it is considered a baby as mature.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello dr., my cervix has come out to be 3-3.4 cm. Advised complete bed rest. Will it help increase the length?
Answer: Mine is alredy 2.5 in a start of pregnancy. lets c what happens. My doctor never suggested me to hv a bed rest.
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Question: I am 38 weeks pregnant and i dont think the baby has come down at all. What could i do to make the baby come down? And how could i know that baby has come down?
Answer: hi you should remain active you should do your regular activities you should take walks do pelvic exercises and squats in consultation with your doctor all this will help you
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