5 months old baby

Question: My 4 month 10 days baby dont want to feed breast milk .. she always denied to feed .. i am very tensed please doctor help me somethimg

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Answer: Hi dear, this is the common issue we face with infant I can suggest you tips, hope it will help. Keeping feed times positive is important to help your baby keep a positive association with them. This can be hard to do as breast refusal can be very stressful. It’s easy to get quite upset and angry when trying to feed a baby who is refusing. Spending lots of time in skin-to-skin contact with your baby on your bare chest can help to remind your baby that this is a nurturing place to be. This could be on a bed or in a bath etc. Skin-to-skin contact can help your baby to use his instincts to find your breasts on his own. In this way, skin-to-skin contact can take the pressure off both of you. It’s like you’re saying to your baby ‘Well, there is your food, go get it if you want it.’ Similarly, placing your baby in a sling and leaving your bra undone so that his face is near your breast could help
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Question: Hello. ....I have Overflowing breasts. ....even though I take out milk before breast feeding my 10 day old baby.....still she vomits.....I am very tensed about how to feed? also many times she doesnot burp...please tell the solution. ...
Answer: Hello! This was exactly myself situation when my son was born. But unfortunately, there isn't nothing much we can do. One thing which I did, you can try, but not sure how it will help, try to hold your nipples between two fingers in scissors form. And try to control the flow by pressing it. For the burping issues, hold your baby on the shoulders for good 15 minutes. And then lie her in such way that her chest and head is little elevated from the rest of the body. You can use a soft baby pillow for that. Always make sure the baby lies on her back. Don't worry it is a phase, which will get over soon.
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Question: Please suggest me diet chart for 11 nd half month baby girl. She doesnot eat anything. I am very tensed. She depends only on breast feed.
Answer: Diet plays a major role. Feed baby all the food that your family eats like roti curry rice salad etc. You can give baby an egg every day so that protein helps baby to be active. Give baby full cream milk twice a day to fulfil the calcium demands of growing kid. Curd,vegetabkes,fruits and green leafy vegetables are required for kids healthy growth. Deworm baby according to doctors advice as it helps a lot in healthy weight gain. As long as baby is active nothing to worry.Take care
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Question: my baby is 10 month old she feed with bottle she feed only half little bottle of milk some time she denied to feed milk weep to much for breast milk
Answer: Then do give her breast milk.u can continue giving her till 2 yrs. Don't force her to take milk. If she don't want then give her other solid food. Would food will let her gain weight. Not milk.
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