6 months old baby

Question: My 6 month baby bits during breastfeeding and feed less???is there any prevention from biting?

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Answer: Just press her gently against your breast so baby will unlock the seal of her mouth. Stop for some time and feed her again so she comes to know if she bit you may stop feeding
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Question: My baby takes less feed from left side.. is there any reason
Answer: There is no problem, every baby have their own comfort in taking milk. Few baby hold nipple comfortably on left side and few on right. It may happen due to small size of nipple on you left side so for this you can use nipple shield. your baby will get enough milk if you feed only on one side and in that side milk also increaes. You can encourage your baby to feed your left side.. when he feel sleepy or feels hungry offer him your left breast. Hope this will help
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Question: Cold and coughing during pregnancy treatment and prevention..plz guide..any medicine..18th week of prevention
Answer: Hello! For medicine please consult the doctor. I would suggest you to go for home remedies. It is safer and gives good results. 1. Make a tulsi, ginger,cloves and black pepper kadha and drink twice a day . 2. Tulsi ginger tea to soothe the throat pain. 3. Boil half a tsp of turmeric in a glass of water and drink before bed . 4. Take steam 5. Gargle with hot salty water frequently. 6. Take honey ginger juice thrice a day. Take care
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Question: My baby sleeping very less. only less than 6 hours a day. Is there any problem???
Answer: Yes ,I think you are not sleeping wd her. So make schedule of her sleeping. N you must sleep wd her
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