6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My missed period is 4th march but still negetive home pregnancy test what to do please reply

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Answer: Hi. how hopes and prayers and belief on God and keep waiting.it will answer only after 60 days for some cases. Wait till 60 days and repeat the test again and see whether it shows positive
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    Anusha Kataru838 days ago

    Thnks for ur reply but im really worried much previously i had one miscarriage im not knowing what to do i am thinking about blood test

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Question: Hi doctor I have missed my period for 2 weeks and pregnancy test is also negative what to do??
Answer: Hello dear... while breastfeeding it is common to have irregular periods dear...as the hormones in your body during breastfeeding can delay ovulation dear...so there's no need to be worried about it dear...
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Question: Its 23days of missed periods but my pregnancy test is negative what should I do
Answer: It seems u have some other issue due to which period is missed. It can be due to some health issue or can be due to harmonal disbalance. U can visit ur Doctor once lockdown over.
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Question: Hai i have missed period, breast soreness and dizziness but pregnancy test at home shows negative.. What should I do.. I dintbget my periods still
Answer: Do blood test like hcg. Then you will whether pregnancy is there or not. Then consult doctor.
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