3 months old baby

Question: My milk is stuck in breast what to do? My baby is 21/2 month old

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Answer: Apply warm water com Press
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Question: My breast milk is decreasing. What should I do? My baby is only 2 month old
Answer: Hey Dear,  I also had the same issue when my baby was born. Few tips which is used, tried and tested by me hope it will help.  Try to offer ur baby more breast milk even if u hv low supply the more baby latch the more milk will produce so offer ur baby both the sides like 10 mins from left then another 10mins from right side. Doing this the milk glands will open and start produce milk. Other then this u can try zeera and ajwain water this will also help to make more milk. You can also try to increase ur milk supply by using breast pump with its suction power the milk glands can start producing milk. Include more milk products in ur diet like milk porridge (daliya) works very effectively and it's very very healthy for u too.
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Question: What can I do to increase breast milk supply ? my baby is 4 month old.
Answer: Include lot of liquid, include fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds or leaves, garlic in your diet. And take zandu company, satavarex powder it works
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Question: Is it ok to combine breast milk and formula milk? My baby is 21 days old.
Answer: dont combine it.. give seperatly.. if you hv breast milk give tgat maxiMum..
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