5 months old baby

Question: My milk is not sufficient to baby and if I feed formula milk, he is crying a lot at night times, I'm giving him colic but also he is crying a lot for formula milk, what should I do

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Answer: hi if the baby is having has problems the baby will cry over ever you can time is home remedies which unit the baby you should apply for mustard oil to the tummy of the baby which one has to give relief to the baby has been assigned to put the baby to the sound sleep you can also apply Hing paste to the navel of the baby which will help the baby to get a relief
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Question: Waking up crying at night and also daytime for 5/6 times even after giving him medicine of colic pain. Reason and what to do?
Answer: hi dear if you are giving medicine for pain then the baby will cry for feeding so please feed your baby make sure the baby tummy is full and also please check whether you are getting good look secretion because when babies don't get enough milk they will cry a lot
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Question: My baby is crying a lot when I am giving him formula milk NAAN. He has colic problem sometimes. He is taking BF also. Is there any problem in formula milk.
Answer: No... I m using the same quantity as mentioned in formula milk pack
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Question: Hi..my son is 9 months 9 days old..he is suffering from HFMD from past four days..he is crying more even if i feed with milk r food..at night time it is more.. morning he ll be playing with his sister.. I'm giving him salt less food only coz of his HFMD..my milk is not sufficient for him..he is not drinking outside milk..plsggest me for not crying n how i should make him drink outside milk..
Answer: Hi,baby is crying because Eid itching and not taking feed because of boils in mouth.this is going to happen You should feed juice to your baby Give yoghurt Give soups but it should not be warm Cocunut water Blended upma Or milk bisc Express your milk and add in porridge and feed your baby.with this the baby will get milk intake Once the boils starts decreasing baby will start taking g feed normally
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Question: My son is 4 hand half month till date he z having breast milk now it's nt sufficient for him so I m giving formula milk...so how much formula milk should I feed him for a day?
Answer: If u feed him for 3 to 4 hrs u need to give 120 ml
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