5 months old baby

Question: My milk flow is very fast baby is getting fussy during breastfeeding how to control the milk flow?

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Answer: Use clusterfeeding techniques or take out the milk prior to baby suck then he can get the hind milk directly..
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Question: How to control milk flow during feeding.. milk flow is very fast and my baby is choking and crying while feeding
Answer: Hi dear.. place the nippled between the forefinger and the middle finger and slightly lock it...it will extent control on the milk ducts regulating the flow.. in other case, when u feel the milk flow, please let it leak a few drops before u feed the baby..it will slow down...but please be extremely careful of the baby positioning..choking is not good...
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Question: Flow of my breast milk is very fast. After 2to3 hrs it flows like waterfall or say fountain. Is it ok ? How to control the flow?
Answer: Dnt control it ... ur lucky enough to have type of milk... bt dnt store thm thr will be chance of breast lump.... express thm out after baby feed
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Question: How to know that my milk flow is fast?
Answer: Hi dear. If u have enough milk supply ur baby will not take feed for longer time.. Ur baby tummy comes up after 15min of feed, after that if u try to feed baby will reject..
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Question: My baby getting cough while feeding due to heavy milk in the beginning..how to control the flow
Answer: My baby facing problem
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