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Question: My merry 2yer but not getting baby why mom

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Answer: Hi dear I understand that you have been married for 2 years and you have not conceived yet there if you both has been trying with unprotected intercourse for a very long time you can go ahead and get a medical advice from your gynecologist to see if there is any medical problem which is creating issues in conceiving otherwise having a good diet being stress free and tension free and trying a within ovulation period of fertile time will help you to conceive a healthy baby.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Why my baby is not getting teeth
Answer: Hello dear dont worry this is normal for some babies . They will get teeth by 1.5 years ao dont worry dear. Take reason would would be less calcium supplement so you can give her more calcium rich food like milk, paneer, dates, bhadam milk,. This will help baby in teeth growth. When she dont get teeth even after 1.5 years you can consult dentist there are root, and vitamin test available.
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Question: Why i am not getting feeling of my baby movements
Answer: Hi dear ,wait for few weeks .the baby movement starts between 16-25weeks.if it is u r first pregnanacy you may not feel until 25weeks.take care
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Question: my baby has only 6teeth more not getting why
Answer: No problem will come up Even my baby running 14 month n 8 teeth came
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Question: My baby right leg is not getting straight so why?
Answer: Hi dear, I donot think there is any issue with the leg of baby.most of the new borns would have their legs bent.and eventually once they start walking it gets straight.but meanwhile regular oil massaging their body would help their bones to get strong and flexible.
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