7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My lst lmp is 3jan n now m 6 weeks pregnant...i scan it bt d growth of sac is less than 4 week...m wooried abt it

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Answer: Since you r six weeks pregnant, you must have heard baby's heart beat? If doctor says heart beats are fine, you shouldn't be worrying
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    arnika jain34 days ago


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Question: Hii mst last lmp is 3jan...m 6 weeks pregnant i sacn today...the growth of sac is less than 4 weeks .....m worried abt it ....wht should i do?
Answer: Hello dear, scan report shows as per baby growth. That's why you can find difference between lmp and usg date. 1-2 week difference is nothing to be concern, so don't worry. Try to take more protein rich diet to increase baby weight.
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Question: Hi my lst date is 3jan...now i chck thnk line is vry faint n i test beta hcg n d result is 48 is it positive?
Answer: Hi dear any level above 5 miu/ml is considered as positive for beta HCG but 48 is too low according to 6 weeks of pregnancy because the normal level at 6 weeks is 1080 to 56500 miu/ml.. but please don't worry consider to show the report to your doctor because if you are not having any bleeding or any other discomfort it has chance that it will increase.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am 6 weeks n 4day pregnant my sac size is 4. 5mmis it normal or slow growth reply urgently
Answer: At 7 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a blueberry. Your embryo measures about .51 inches, having doubled in size since last week. He or she doesn't exactly tip the scales just yet, but is developing like crazy inside your 7-week pregnant belly.
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