1 months old baby

Question: My lscs done before 1 month...now m feeling so tired ...which care have to take..which food to take after lscs

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Question: Now days m feeling so much tired also felling food smells irritate me..m not take any things easily
Answer: It is part of pregnancy. You should take rest, proper sleep and food is very much necessary. You can keep the certain good smell that ease you with you so that whrn u get bad smell yiu can take that smell. Dont worry by passing time you will be okay.
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Question: Now a days m feeling so tired
Answer: Hello dear, sickness dizziness and tired are common for some ladies during pregnant. You need to take enough rest and follow proper diet. Take more energy giving foods like homemade multigrain mix health mix, dates, nuts. Avoid eating outside, taking deep fried foods. Take more fluids this keep the body hydrated and stabilize the metabolism.
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Question: Lscs occur 1 month before n now having vaginal bleeding again which was stopped .
Answer: Don't worry it is normal sometimes it comes again after stopping. Even it happened with me. There is a lot of irregularity in periods and discharge after delivery it is normal don't worry
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