33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My lower back is aching while walking...... Is it any problem doctor?

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Answer: hi dear this is not any problem this is because as the weight increases in the abdomen it caused the back bone to bend more that's the reason why we get more pain. you can massage your back with the hot water bag or even you can use hot water bottles to massage you can wash with warm water every night before bed
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Question: Sweeling in my lower back and its paining while walking and sleeping.is there any problem
Answer: Hello dear Back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint, and it's no wonder. You're gaining weight, your center of gravity changes, and your hormones are relaxing the ligaments in the joints of your pelvis. To get relief try these remedies: 1. Take rest as much as possible as strenuous physical activities will aggravate your pain. 2. Have warm water baths as they help in relaxing strained muscles and muscle pains. 3. Use a hot water bag or a cold pack to alleviate the pain.
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Question: My lower back is aching while walking..... Is it normal or any problem?
Answer: hi do not worry it is completely normal at this time it is because the pressure fell on the sciatica which increases the back pain do not worry you can take hot water compression 2 to 3 times in a day you can also get a good oil massage then which will help to give you some relief do not sleep on your back trying to sleep on the left side as this will help to provide proper nutrition and your blood oxygen to the placenta.
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Question: My vagina is aching soo much., while sleeping, walking around
Answer: Avoid scented pads or toilet paper, creams, bubble bath, Use water and a plain only to wash everytime you pass urine. Clean front to back side To clean you can use boric acid, apple cider vinegar or coconut oil.
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