11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My lower back and legs calf are paining badly any home remedy?

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Answer: Essential oils might help, try what works for you. Sleep on your left with a pillow in between your thighs, will help you to relax
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Question: Legs are paining very badly
Answer: Dear lega pain are extremely normal during pregnancy because there are alot of physically and hormonal changes in the body which makes it exert and a little bit more physical exertion can cause legs or body pain.. so dont worry just get some leg massage and do some hot cold compress on your legs. Eat banana that really give a quick relief....Always keep a pillow under your legs while sitting, that will give you alot of relief..
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Question: My lower back and let calf are paining badly any home remedy.
Answer: Hi.. back pain is normal during pregnancy and after delivery. Don't sit for long hours and use some pillow to give support to your back. You can take your husband's help to give you back massage. Sleep on your left, don't sleep on your back it wil cause back ach Walk and do some gentle exercise. Hope this will help.
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Question: My calf are paining
Answer: Hi,Dear Calf pain will be there due to body and baby weight ..that's common.keep pillow under your knee when you go to bed.dont sit for long time.walk after food. Stretch your calf muscle several times during the day to reduce cramps You can massage the cramped muscles with ice or cold compress to reduce pain.
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